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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who's Yo Daddy??

Welcome吉林快三遗漏 to the holiday season here in Candy's Land. It was two years ago this week that Mom and Shuga D adopted me 吉林快三遗漏 from Heart of Georgia Humane Society and brought each of us joy like never before.

This Christmas is busier than ever. Mom and Shuga D bought the house of their dreams (in the College吉林快三遗漏 Hill Corridor, of course), so we are beginning the moving process during their seasonal time off. On top of that, Mom and Shuga are stealing away for a few days this week to celebrate Shuga's birthday in the Big Apple.

So, 'tis the season to save some money. Mom and Shuga have selected gifts that celebrate the mixed-breed family that we are.

That's right, they are giving each other DNA tests - on us!

Now we know there is a good chance I have some Chihuahua and Papillon in my family tree. But Mom also questions my rat terrier tendencies. Then there is Tybee and Bowen, both from the same litter, but we all wonder if they are from the same planet. And finally, there is dear, sweet, good ol' Miss Kitty. There is no idea where to begin on her origins. Even her name makes things confusing.

Little brother Boz Waggs has been spared from the mouth swab we were all required to submit (see the pic of me and Shuga D!). Even though he was the latest sprung from the City of Macon Animal Shelter, he's a tried and true long-haired Chihuahua, with a serious sweet side.

Mom and Shuga are submitting our DNA via Mars Veterinary. They offer a Wisdom Panel Insights "mixed breed DNA test." The results should be available in the next few weeks. We can hardly wait to find out who are daddies (and mamas) are . . . those sly dogs.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Save the Halls: Museums Matter in Macon - We're all Part of the Legacy

Visit to sign the petition and show your support of keeping the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon - as Mom's Pop says in his sweet southern drawl, "Where it belongs."

from on .

This video was produced by the "Little Creative 吉林快三遗漏" of Mom, Texas T and Bright Blue in the historic Grant's Lounge with some of Macon's passionate young musicians.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Now Showing at a Cemetery Near You

's Spirits in October Walking Tour.

The one-hour twilight tours take you through the historic cemetery and introduces you to some of the spirits and stories of Macon's haunting and compelling past. The tours take place during the remaining Thursday, Friday and Saturdays of October. In addition to Mom playing Rebecca, sister of Naval war hero Hugh Smalling, there is a witness to Macon's plane crash on Cherry Street, little Mabel White, a trickster teacher, a freed slave, an eccentric travel journalist, a Civil War soldier, the "Miracle Man of the Diamond," a Sister of Mercy, the first licensed female mortician in Georgia and the questionable Chester Burge.

Now, this is a big break from Mom's normal speaking parts, which up until now, have consisted of PR Presentations and marketing stump speeches (playing herself, of course). To actually have to "act" was never something she considered. But put her in a vintage 40s dress, a swanky hat and a pair of white gloves, and suddenly it wasn't to hard to be someone else.

Of course, Shuga D has been her cheerleader and acting coach through it all. Today, her new 1940s persona swooned when a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived with his sweet note. What a gentleman, that Shuga D. You would think he was from another time.

Pictured is Mom in costume as Rebecca with her brother Hugh played by Anthony Ennis.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mutts Make the Bestest Friends

Here is the latest video of our available animal shelter friends in need of a good 吉林快三遗漏. They have not had the easiest lives, yet their tails keep wagging. Please don't shop - adopt your next pet. Candy Lou loves you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Candy Lou Still Loves You!

To Do: Second Sunday at Sunset, every Second Sunday of the month in Washington Park at 7 p.m. through September.

To Mark in RED: Bragg Jam, July 31, all over Macon. See the super cool website Mom has been busting her tail feathers over.

To Make Mom Red (as in blushing and totally humbled): Macon Magazine's August issue featuring the "Five Under 40" Young Leaders of Macon.

To Say Thanks: This favorite pic of Mom and one of her greatest influences, her Dad. It was taken in Washington Park during an outdoor concert many years ago. Who knew what was in store for her decades later, but she was already learning to stay in step with the BEST!

To Stay Tuned: Mom and Shuga D celebrate their second anniversary this month! And from this dog's eye view, I've never seen puppy love grow so strong . . .

Until next time, keep those paws to the floor and live life in Macon UNLEASHED.

Candy Lou loves you!

p.s. Check back with our Twitter feed in the left column for brief updates

Friday, June 11, 2010

Be Prepared to Perspire

It's going to be one hot and heavy weekend here in Candy's Land. Mom and Shuga D are looking forward to their date night to the Comic Kick-Off party at Asylum . . . (and here's a lil' Candy's Land exclusive: Mom is soon to be steppin' into a storyline - a la Nancy Drew - with 's !) Then they are going to grab dinner at the T before calling it an early Friday night.

The reason being, Mom and I have to be up early tomorrow for a video shoot that we're crossing our paws will give a dream make-over to Macon's dog park. We're working with on this, and we'll keep you posted here, for sure.

After the early morning shoot, Shuga is making sausage and eggs as we kick-off the World Cup mania with a breakfast for our friends who have already been bitten by the international bug. We're getting competitive for sure!

Sunday is Second Sunday, so that means, we'll be at Washington Park for free live music organized by Mom and her full-time job at the . We're switching it to the evening time of 6 p.m., so consider it Second Sunday at Sundown. It's Mom's co-worker and partner-in-crime Nadia's birthday, so be sure to wish her a happy one. And as a special gift to everyone, Mom and Nadia will be giving out a little fun to do that Southern thang of "I declaring" while fanning yourself.

In honor of the sweatin' we're sure to be doing all weekend, here's a little video of the hot and lovely performer, Carrie Rodriguez, to get a little bit going on your brow:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Macon Musicians Unite to Keep Georgia Music in Macon

It's First Friday in downtown Macon, and you can find Mom at the Musicians United Benefit Concert to keep the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon. She's actually in for a treat tomorrow because she will be sharing the stage of the Historic Douglass Theatre with her father, 2003 GMHF Inductee Alan Walden. Mom and her pop are emcees for the concert experience that evening . . . expect her to turn red a time or two when her dad threatens to do his Elvis impersonation. Please, God, no. Regardless, it's something near and dear to both of them and the live music for the evening is just a bonus. Buy a ticket and support not just live music in Macon but keeping Georgia music history in Macon!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mom's Side of the Mountain

Mom said she was tired of her own excuse that she didn’t have any time. Truth be told, she really hasn’t had any lately. But she always said if you want something done, ask a busy person. So Mom told herself, “If you can’t find time, make time.” And with that, she issued herself a dare.

For her, it was just as bold and daring as those bucket list things in life that require helmets, safety vests and waivers. She would spend a weekend completely alone, in her cousin’s mountain cabin, where there is no cell signal, no internet, no cable or other forms of communication, unless you go looking. She would have no other choice but be enveloped in complete quiet time and choose to spend it reading, writing or just being still.

With Shuga’s support, telling her he was proud of her, Mom left Macon in the rear view mirror for the mountains of North Carolina.

The Mini Cooper loved every turn as she climbed the mountain to where the cabin was nestled, her heart racing with every shrinking cell bar. When she finally caught site of its tin roof and welcoming screen door, all signal was lost. The solo mountain sojourn had officially begun.

Without a doubt the air was lighter the minute she stepped out of her car. The birds were louder than she remembered, and the cabin with all the care her cousin had invested, never looked so precious with its blooming flowers and cozy interior, decorated with folk art, vintage Macon postcards and music mementoes of Capricorn artists gone by.

Despite the instant serenity, Mom spent her first day antsy, as predicted. She wasn’t sure how to handle the quiet. She had to make herself not to turn on any music until it was at least dark outside. She read, she napped and she almost drove back to Macon at least once when she started missing Shuga and us mutts so bad. But she bucked up and went to bed early with the notion that tomorrow would be a new, full day, and she slept well knowing the baseball bat Texas T loaned her was by her side.

Life was different the next day. She opened the windows to the sounds of birds, got the tea kettle going and decided that was all the noise she needed. With the cool mountain air, she kept her long sleeves on, the tea always hot and a blanket over her lap when she read on the porch. Meals consisted of goat cheese, prosciutto and green onions and loved it. She brought along her Dolly Parton box set, but soon found she didn’t need it. Hours were spent writing beside the window, the breeze in the trees and the occasional rain shower keeping her mind focused and inspired.

Mom also prayed, but more than anything, she tried to listen. For once in a long time, her world was quiet and all she had to do was look at the view to feel the Kingdom of God before her.

While Mom was on the mountain, she read Erskine Caldwell’s God’s Little Acre. A friend of her Uncle Phil’s recommended it to her. Ironically, the main character is named Ty Ty Walden.

Mom finished the book on her last day at the cabin, on the porch as the rain was beating down.

“When you get God in your heart, you have a feeling that living is worth striving for night and day. I ain’t talking about the God you hear about in the churches, I’m talking about the God inside of a body. I’ve got the greatest feeling for Him, because He helps me to live. That’s why I set aside God’s little acre out there on the farm when I was just a young man starting in. I like to have something around me that I can go to and stand on and feel God in . . . All you boys seem to think about is the things you can see and touch – that ain’t living. It’s the things you can feel inside of you – that’s what living is made for.” - Ty Ty Walden

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sister Love, East to West

It's been so crazy in Candy's Land catching up from Mom and Shuga D's first real deal, week-long spring vacation, that we haven't had time to recap it. Although old news now, it's been far from forgettable. From visiting her sister Georgie Girl and her drummer man Scott in Hollywood to driving through the desert to Tucson for visiting his sister Brooke and main man Steve with their beautiful toddler and newborn brood, Jackson James and Olive Jean, here are just a few of the highlights:

- The moment Mom saw her sister . . . and hugged her until they weren't the only ones in the Pig and Whistle with tears in their eyes. Georgie Girl has been an L.A. Woman for over a year now, and she looks more beautiful, authentic and TALLER than ever.

- Shuga D taking the crew to a L.A. Dodgers game against Arizona's Diamondbacks. Mom not only agreed to go to a sporting event, but she stepped out of her comfort zone so much so that she lost a few moments in outer space on Hollywood Boulevard.

- Hugging the neck of Macon's own crooner Mark Brooker and his beautiful Italian lady friend after meeting up at the place of 80's rock legends, the Rainbow Room.

- The strike at Lucky Strike, first try and several "Roy Rogers" drinks later while bowling with Shuga.

- The infamous $25 salad among the famous (or wannabe famous), poolside at the Roosevelt Hotel, Mom and Shuga's temporary 吉林快三遗漏-away-from-吉林快三遗漏. Such salad is now a souvenir pictured here.

- Afroman's curse-filled, star-studded celebrity tour that made Mom blush and Shuga say, "The Southern gentleman in me isn't so sure about this."

- Pinkberry. Pinkberry. Pinkberry.

- Mom dipping her toe into the chilly Pacific ocean and soaking up the sites and sounds of the stunning cliffs of Malibu with Shuga, Georgie Girl and Drummer Man Scott.

- The Jewish waitress at Greenblatt's Deli who cursed when she burned herself and harkened the New Testament with a few choice words. And then there was the best bagel and lox (Mom's absolute food favorite!) ever had.

- Sitting amongst her Walden kin - sister and cousins in their historic deco 吉林快三遗漏 nestled in the hills above Hollywood. The West Coast seems to be treating the younger sibs of Waldens well.

- The breath-taking art and artistic view from the top of the Getty Museum that got Mom and Shuga behind schedule and stuck in L.A.'s Friday rush hour . . . for three hours.

- Windmills on the desert drive just before the sun went down and the lights of Palm Springs came on

- Figuring out the Prius rental car in Phoenix, then figuring how much money and little carbon footprint they really did save!

- Jackson James anticipating their arrival by waiting in the front yard

- Meeting, holding and cuddling newborn Olive Jean for the very first time

- Eating an orange, straight off a backyard orange tree

- Tucson's version of Bragg Jam . . . and Mom and Shuga taking notes!

- Mom's re-discovery of the desert's beauty, a decade since her last trip and the first time with the man of her dreams.

- The Sonoran hotdog: bacon, mayo, peppers, beans and bottomless bun. No need to say more.

- Fresh tableside (in their case, barside) salsa-making right before their eyes. More tomatillos, please.

- Seeing Shuga and his sister share that same wonderful Weatherford smile . . .

And that is just a start of Mom and Shuga's recapped adventure in the wild, wild west. The rest, as they say, is meant for the family scrapbook. Except for the poolside salad.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to Business in the Corridor

Mom roared back into Macon, leaving her "do not disturb" sign dangling in the wind. The next morning after their flight landed, she was back at work with a vengeance for the newest bit of news and improved lifestyle in the College吉林快三遗漏 Hill Corridor. Watch the video below!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

From the East to the West

Suitcases are being packed and that means only one thing - we're getting another super sitter and Mom and Shuga D are off on another adventure. This time they are showing some sister love with a trip out West to give both of their siblings a big hug.

First, they go to see Georgie Girl and her drummer man Scott. G.G. has been an L.A. Woman for over a year now . . . and it's been that long since the sisters have seen each other. Mom's to-do's include long-awaited Pinkberry, a panty raid at Trashy Lingerie and who knows what else when nightlife comes alive.

Then it's Mom and Shuga D going 310 to Yuma. They've decided to opt out of a shuttle flight and take the scenic route from L.A. to Arizona, where Shuga's sister and her family will be waiting in Tuscon. Mom and Shuga are extremely excited to hold their newborn niece Olive Jean in their arms and give nephew Jackson big props for being an awesome big brother.

They'll be leaving on a Phoenix jet plane after seven real days in the wild west. Neither of them have been on a vacation like this in quite some time. So, check the Macon Candy Twitter page (or look for the feed to the left of this page) as Mom does her best to update us on their adventures.

Until then, in honor of the trip, pop a pill and put on your best Neely O'Hara (we'll miss you Spiro!) for Mom's favorite movie trailer, Hollywood's Valley of the Dolls:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's Baaaack

" incident. This year, she is among the organizers. Pictured is me on the "Cherry Bomb" before Big Dan took it down the hill in 2009.

This year, there is just no telling what's in store . . . There are 13 soapbox cars competing in the Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby. On top of that, there is the Laura Reed Band performing the regular Second Sunday show and there will also be a block party down Magnolia with food, sidewalk chalk, art and more live music. All of this is free. I have a feeling the crowd is going to be crazy. A good kind of crazy. See you Sunday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Not Another Pup, but it IS Mom's New Pet!

, and instead of waiting for it to be shipped in from the assembly line, Sergei found her one en route already. Mom felt like a 16-year-old being handed the keys for the first time. Except this time, she got the car she always wanted.

She also found a good 吉林快三遗漏 for her car of almost 10 years, the Black Bean, her black 2001 Honda Civic EX (emphasis on the EX). Good-bye Bean . . . hello Coco.

Shuga is smiling like the proud papa because he says he loves it when Mom knows and gets exactly what she wants.

Motor on.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tell us What You Really Think about Pink, Boz!

Let's just say my new little brother didn't like being turned away at the fashion runway's velvet ropes. He had on a vest and bow tie that matched my dress over his "inner Playboy" wife beater, but he was so mad, Mom had to take his vest off so he could unleash his Cherry Blossom Festival fury.

We've learned one thing in Candy's Land since we got him out of the pound two weeks ago: nobody puts Boz in the corner.

All Dressed Up . . .

And no place to go. Mom tried to catch the Cherry Blossom spirit by entering us in the "Pretty in Pink" fashion show this past Saturday. But alas, we were 15 minutes late to register and the pageant officials turned us away at the door. Either way, I managed to show off my handmade dress and take pictures with several visitors of Asian descent.

I bet the runway is relieved I didn't strut it. 'Too cute' was coming 吉林快三遗漏 with me!

Yet Another Brunch Option for Downtown Macon!

Let's say Mom was on death row and they were taking orders for the last meal. What would it be? Well, let's just say you'd probably think you need to ditch the last rights from the Methodist Minister and call in a Rabbi. Bagels and lox wins every single time.

Brunch is a big deal for Mom. It's not just a meal, it's a method. It ain't brunch to her unless you have a few of the following elements: a) Bloody Mary or Mimosa Menu; b) Eggs Benedict of Some Fashion; c) Lox . . . lots of Lox.

The Rookery can quickly answer all of the above. Dolce Vita can brag about their Sunday Brunch bloody mary bar. And now the Thai force known as Lemongrass can join the buttresses of downtown Sunday brunch dining with a menu that makes her weep for the weekend. Can we say slow, 吉林快三遗漏-cooked hash? How about Crab Cakes? And what about the Smoked Salmon Benedict? You've got it . . . lox piled high on the precision-poached egg with English muffin and decadent sauce in check. Mom's mouth barely made room for her $5 Mimosa. Did I mention the potato pancake side? It's thicker than a latke but layers the Yiddish yum on thick.

We're convinced that the tradition known as Sunday Brunch may be the saving grace of Downtown Macon. Rookery, Dolce Vita and Lemongrass - keep it up. We're not the only ones hungry for more.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Candy's Land Crew Gets Cuter!

We're proud - and a little crazy - to announce a new addition to the Candy's Land family. Mom made a downtown detour to the City of Macon Animal Shelter this week (thanks AC Pup) and faster than you can say Papillon, she fell in love and signed the adoption papers.

There's now someone shorter than me in our big happy family. Everyone, meet my new little brother, Boz Waggs.

Bozzy is a four-year-old, full-blooded Papillon who was turned into the pound because his family moved into an apartment. Their loss is our wonderful gain. Why shop when you can adopt someone this precious?! Candy Lou loves you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in Downtown Macon

Our arctic temps seem to be a thing of the past and you can practically smell spring just around the corner. Check out this super cool shot of downtown Macon's Poplar Avenue, taken just yesterday by photographer Ingrid Lyndon.