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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spa Junkie

It's no secret that Mom's drug of choice is mixed cocktail of products and services at Macon's Vineville Salon. What better way to relax than the warm towel and holy hands of Sonya, the massage therapist? Mom got so taken away in her latest massage that she got Shuga D a gift certificate to decompress from a crazy day in the candy factory -- because if there was any other woman Mom would let put her hands all over her Shuga, it would be Sonya!

Then there is the hands-down and feet-first offerings of Paige for the perfect mani-pedi. Mom is still loving the dark purple "Shoot for the Stars" they selected together for her toes, but she is anxious to go back and try the appropriately named "Freebird" color of Spa Ritual's organic polish line. Paige is currently offering a free manicure with pedicure special. Call for an appointment and tell her you read about it here on !

Then there is the lovely Anne keeping Mom tuned into the fountain of youth. As you've read here before, Mom loves a microderm. It's the chemical-free way of sloughing off the stuff that ages and weighs our faces down. If you've never tried a microderm before, send us a Candygram at maconcandy@吉林快三遗漏gmail.com, and we'll hook you up with a free test run.

Finally, Mom is the product of good products. She is hooked on the natural and eco-friendly focus of all things Aveda. And she is a sucker for the shampoos and conditioners of shower champagne / product line Shu Uemura. You may have to save your pennies to buy it, but gosh darn it, you're worth it . . . and every penny.

Nothing wrong with pampering yourself with a little fix from the Vineville Salon. Come on, we're all doing it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Let's Face It

Mom isn't getting any younger. She turns 32 on Sunday (Sept. 27). She doesn't think she that's old, but apparently, she is now older than her mother, who refused stopped accepting her age when the birthdays started coming quicker than silver, i.e. 31.

So, Mom got a microderm with Anne Bragg at the Vineville Salon this weekend. And according to her, there is nothing more face lifting than the intense scrub reduction and restoration it gives her fine lines and gaping pores.
If you're feeling like your face (and your self esteem) could use a lift, send me a Candygram at maconcandy@吉林快三遗漏gmail.com, and we'll set you up with a free "see for yourself" with Annie and the clock-stopping microderm.

Image c/o of mainstreetvintage.com

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Microderm, Take Two

Disclaimer: That's not Mom's face, but that is the before and after result of microderm.

This Saturday marked Mom's second whirl with microdermabrasion at the Vineville Salon. Mom is undergoing a series of three treatments to whip her skin into shape, or at least start the process of "freezing her face" as much as she can at 31, without the use of needles, chemicals or staples.

Since her first treatment, Mom has noticed several changes when mirroring, mirroring on the wall. She is using less pressed powder, even in the ever-lathering humidity. The t-zone glaze is more of a glimmer, with a lot less shine some pores tend to over-produce. In fact, it's more of a subtle glow of the happy skin kind. She has also noticed her face is firmer, but the skin softer, like a baby's butt without the bitty jiggle. And as far as a few of the fine lines, well, she can't find them anymore.

This second round was also easier in the aftermath. She wasn't as red and all signs of skin un-layering were long gone by the next morning.

So, we'll see how take two continues to face up. One thing for sure, Mom is sold on the process. If you'd like to see for yourself, send me a Candygram (maconcandy@吉林快三遗漏gmail.com), and I’ll send you a coupon for a free microdermabrasion spot treatment, which can also be used for $25 discount on your first treatment (regularly $80) or 15% off your series of three (reg. $175). Just put “Spot” in the subject line. And get ready to forget your lines.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Candy Hearts the Guide Girls

These cheeky ladies are living their green dreams! Check out the . . . Saving the planet one slap-stick at a time!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girls’ Night Out, Shuemu-Style

Remember when taught the ladies how to Shoop? Well, for whatever reason, Mom can’t get it out of her head when she puts the shampoo on it.

She admits it’s a splurge. But there is a reason Shu Uemura is the Bentley of the bathtub. This stuff is good . . . In fact, it downright spoils your hair follicles rotten – an ultra-clean, glossy, smell-fantastic, body-building kind of rotten. It’s a hallelujah for the hair. Their shampoo is champagne. Their conditioner is caviar. And their hairspray? Yes, hairspray, something that makes Mom back away faster than pepper spray. The Shu Uemura hairspray shouldn’t even be classified as such. It is the holy grail of good, natural hold. And it’s been a BFF during those April showers.

is hosting a Girls’ Night Out this Thursday from 5-9 p.m. They’ll be serving Plum Spritzers alongside make-up consultations, microderm spot treatments, hand re-surfacing and, with an appointment, a Shu Uemura Ceremony Treatment. Call 478.742.3322 to set up your appointment for you and a friend or just drop-in to enjoy the night out.

Shoop, shoop, ba-doop, shoop, ba-doop . . .

Monday, April 13, 2009

Annie Get Your Microderm . . . And You Can Get Yours

When Mom found out the Fountain of Youth does exist, her Rosacea-proned skin tickled pink. But not for long. That’s because Mom has begun a series of microdermabrasion sessions with Anne Bragg at the Vineville Salon. In addition to evening her skin tone, she’s hoping to rid a glowering sun spot, shrink her pesky pores and smooth out a few fine lines that she finds a little premature.

Anne doesn’t just own one of the few medical microderm 吉林快三遗漏 around, she is a firm-faced believer in it. She isn't the only one. Oprah’s doc, Dr. Oz, has been singing its praises. And Cindy Crawford recently told the ladies of “The View” that microderm is what she invests in for keeping her multi-million dollar face out of line(s).

There’s a lot of science behind microderming, and considering Anne has been offering the process since 2001, she is far better to explain it. With over 800 treatments under her Italian leather belt, she is the one Mom chose to trust to whip her face into shape. And speaking of face, Anne’s speaks for itself. I’m not telling any lady’s age online, but Anne Bragg has the right to brag about hers anytime, thanks to her own microdermabrasion handywork.

Medical it may look amongst the spa comforts of Vineville Salon, but when Mom met the microderm, she was eager and at ease to begin the facial rewind. One down; two more to go. So, the question everyone has asked – does it hurt? Mom compared it to the extended version of a brow waxing. Not the most pleasant but definitely tolerable. With Anne’s veteran experience, the uncomfortable suck-and-sandblasting feeling lasts 10 minutes max (as compared to the early days of 30-flat). And what about sensitive skin? Well, Mom says what about it? Considering she keeps Dove Sensitive Skin Soap bars in business, her never-to-tan fair skin freaks out easier than a man-handled gardenia. She was more than surprised to find the aftermath of the microderm minimal at best. The redness subsided quick enough for Mom to get groceries after leaving the salon and not feel like a freakshow. Lately, she’s been told she has a special glow. No uterus, just epidermis . . . smooth as a baby’s butt.

As Mom goes through the transformation, which I’ll be chronicling here, you can also see and feel for yourself. Send me a Candygram (maconcandy@吉林快三遗漏gmail.com), and I’ll send you a coupon for a free microdermabrasion spot treatment, which can also be used for $25 discount on your first treatment (regularly $80) or 15% off your series of three (reg. $175). Just put “Spot” in the subject line. And soon, you’ll see Spot gone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lucky Bitch

For my G-rated readers, please don’t be offended. Remember this is coming from a dog blog, and as a fixed-bitch, I’ve got the street cred to use the word freely.

The latest issue of Parade magazine, set to insert Sunday papers this Easter Sunday, reports that Barbie, who just celebrated her 50th birthday, earned $3.3 billion last year. That makes other celeb dolls’ Jennifer Aniston, Angie Jolie, Tina Fey and Taylor Swift’s paychecks ($27 mill – go Jen!, $14 mill, $5.5 mill and $4.6 mill, respectively) seem like teachers’ salaries.

So since Mom’s going to a White Trash Party tonight, here’s to you, Barbie, the bitch who has everything.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One of These Things is not Like the Other

Snakeskin seems to be slithering back in fashion. Or did it ever even go anywhere? Regardless, it’s made a comeback in Mom’s closet with two of her new favorite things (three counting the wallet inside).

She bought the small heart-shaped purse with chain strap at an H&M in NYC for just $15. It makes a great going-out, concert bag with its long strap that you can cross over your chest and forget it’s there (until you reach for lipstick . . . or hand sanitizer . . . or cell, wallet, keys . . . in other words, it holds a lot).

The real deal Gucci baguette – made of genuine Python, with an exact-matching wallet – has more of a story to it. You’ve heard of the rent-a-purse website Bag, Borrow or Steal (http://www.bagborroworsteal.com), well, in this case, Mom just borrowed . . . from a friend, who lately has been like the big sister (or new cousin!) she never had. Its exquisite design and feel is inducing drool from all of us. It doesn’t get any better than a Gooch. It’s due back to its rightful owner on Mom’s birthday, which considering is months away in September, is already an early present.

Who needs snakes in the head when you have them by your side?

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Oscar-nominated actress Karen Black told Mom at the MAGA Film Festival, "I wish I had your eyelashes. I pay a lot for mine!" Mom's heart fluttered at the comment, especially when Miz Black saw her the next day and said, "There is the eyelash girl!"

Well, Mom doesn't pay a dime for her eyelashes, but today she shelled out $15 for mascara at the Vineville Salon. She was recently reading about the junk found in today's cosmetics and decided she doesn't want tar or mercury near her baby blues.

Her purchase was Aveda's Mosscara, one of the only lash-lengtheners on the market without tar in it. Instead, Aveda has found a way to make the stuff from Icelandic moss. Ironically, Mom dreams of the day when she gets to go to Iceland and ride ponies . . . but I digress. Mosscara contains other additional natural ingredients like a rose derivative, which gives it a take-a-deep breath earthy, non-toxic smell.

We love eco-friendly Aveda products around here. What do I love most about Aveda? They test their products on people. But if they ever come up with a pet hair product line, I'm your guinea pig.

Next time you see Mom, give her a wink ;-)