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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Them Young Girls, They Do Get Wearied

When they wear that same ol' mini skirt dress. But these girls weren't wearing just any old mini skirt dresses . . . It was the 11th Hour Readers' Choice Awards when Supermom SGM (and winner of Best Community Leader!) and Mom hit the red carpet in their downtown-bought gowns. Supermom wore a rockin' frock from boutique maven haven Ginger Michelle. And Mom wore a $2 taffeta find from Salvation Army. Just try a little tenderness.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Best Parting Gift

and a bottle of Andre in honor of the infamous Monthlies' Wiener Roast and Cheap Champagne Toast of 2009 that was held at our former 吉林快三遗漏.

You know you're from Macon when you and Nu-way have gone a long way together. Thanks, Lil' Miss Bibb, for the cheap and greasy gift with a whole lot of sentimental value. Candy Lou loves you!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Honey Put on Your Party Dress

today. Sales abound at the kitschy cool boutique, all this week and the weeks leading up to Christmas. Today, she bought her girly red holiday dress, a black chain purse and blouse for under $10 total!

You can't tell much from the pic, but it's a drop-waist in a flapper-style form. Pair it with some black tights, patent heels and red lipstick, and it goes from looking Little Orphan Annie to what they are charging the mega-bucks for in Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters these days.

So, just where is Mom wearing her new party dress? If she has her way, 'tis the season to forfeit the big parties for the dress-up dinner dates among friends, where they can toast martinis to the exiting and impending years and to living a life where it is better to be out with the new and in fashion with the old.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

All Dressed Up

The indie rocker in all of us would never be caught dead at the Red Lobster or Olive Garden in the middle of Times Square. So, Mom, asked herself, why should she go spend her hard-earned dollars at her usual chain clothing suspects when she should be supporting the hard-fought indie business owners of downtown Macon?

In honor of First Friday and the $100 bill burning a hole in her purse, she did just that. First, she bought a little feminine flannel (who knew?!) something-something at Ginger Michelle. Then she took her cowgirls boots walking just down the block to Cotton Avenue where she found this pretty paisley seventies-but-still-stylin' frock at Treasure Vintage.

She wore the Ginger dress last night for all the First Friday festivities. And she is saving the other for a fun day at the office.

Even after she threw down some cash at two of downtown Macon's most stylish retailers, she still had enough left of her Benjamin to make a donation to Central Georgia C.A.R.E.S. last night for Yappy Hour AND grab the dinner tab at Lemongrass.

Talk about all dressed up with plenty of places to go.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Since We're Feeling Spooky, Let's Have a Kookie!

Today Mom was amongst community members rocking out to the CVB's new promotional video at their Annual Meeting. At her table was Lisa Love, executive director of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame (and the one who gave Mom her first real job). Lisa told Mom that she had to stop by the Georgia Music Hall of Fame gift shop on the way 吉林快三遗漏 and pick up dog biscuits for us mutts in Candy's Land.

Dog biscuits at the GMHF?! That's right. The B-52's frontman Fred Schneider has created his own pup treat line. His "Kookies" have gone to the dogs at the GMHF, and the best part of it all? ALL (100%!!!) proceeds from the sale of Kookies at the GMHF go to sustaining our cherished state music museum.

Flying sauces, alien heads and rockets are the shapes. Ingredients are natural and simple peanut butter, whole wheat flour, yogurt and rolled oats. That means you can eat them . . . if you're kooky and feeling spooky like the Rolybots' Justin Smith ;-)

We're loving Fred's Kookies here in Candy's Land. Much more than the time Mom had to fulfill the B-52's backstage rider in 2001 when she was searching all over Macon for organic goat cheese, organic roasted pumpkin seeds and organic veggie trays with spinach that better not be served on plastic . . . She's still scarred.

Rock (Lobster) on,

Candy Lou

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Would You Like Fries with That?

You got to love John Folsom's Mac Attack-ed chains of McDonald's. On every Monday in October, three different McDonald's locations in Macon (Riverside Drive, Gray Highway and Pio Nono Ave.) are donating 15 percent of their proceeds to help Vineville Academy of the Arts build a fenced, fitness playground for the students.

Being a neighbor of Vineville Academy - our 吉林快三遗漏 just a stone's throw away - the Candy's Land family understands the need for a fence around their current playground - and to make it fitnessed-themed makes the McDonald's deal even sweeter than Grimace's grin!

So, on Mondays, order your Big Mac loud and proud. Super size your side of fries, and throw in an apple turnover, just because I think they live a lonely life at Mickey D's. As for Mom, nothing turns a Monday frown upside down like a cheeseburger Happy Meal. And as far as I am concerned, calories don't count when it's going to a good cause . . . Especially a FITNESS playground.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Bite

As you can see from this office eye view, with lunch on the go or at the desk a lot these days, Mom is grateful her Mercer Village neighbor Jittery Joe's has added sandwiches to the beverage offerings. Today, she thoroughly enjoyed the vege-friendly hummus sandwich, which was made with care behind the counter, wrapped in foil and stashed in a brown paper lunch sack for her to carry back to her College吉林快三遗漏 Hill Alliance office. Hummus, cheese, mustard and a fresh slice of tomato made it an ideal meal. All that a bag of chips, too, for under $6. Jittery Joe's is also offering chicken salad, turkey, ham and club sandwich choices. But with Mom already looking forward to her next hummus sandwich, that's the choice she recommends and wants to keep on the menu for a long time!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Open Wide for The Jessica

One of the big buzzes around Macon lately is the new ownership at the Rookery. Wes Griffith and Chad Evans partnered into one of downtown's must loyal establishments, and instead of rocking the boat, they floated a few ideas and made the boat better.

One of the biggest changes you'll see (and smell) at the Rookery is it's non-smoking policy. Even though the
cig machine remains, if you want to puff, you have to take it outside. Already, families are responding to the new rule. The Rookery has officially become a place downtown to take the kids to have a burger and not feel like you are feeding them in a bar.

They have also gussied the place. Check out the l
ow-light liquor bottle lanterns about each booth - Wes came up with the novel idea. And speaking of booths, his wife Betsy picked out some killer Damask-patterned upholstery to recover the seating, as well as added additional vintage lamps to the restaurant's signature rook nook upstairs. It's amazing what a big difference the little things make.

But among the best of the changes is the menu. It's still bar apps, burgers, salads and such, but the classics are still there and the signatures are even better. And the guys are having some fun with it. All the burgers have a Georgia music twist -- The Big O Burger has an onion ring, the Johnny Jenkins burger comes with pimento cheese, the Allman Burger has mushro
oms (what else??), the Dr. John has a fried egg . . . and the one Shuga tried, the Walden Greenback Burger, has a fried green tomato, bacon and if you ask, horseradish-infused bistro sauce. Yep, a burger in honor of the fam, who at one glorious time, was all about the bank.

However, there is one thing on the new Rookery menu that has Mom as proud as peacock and as stuffed as a tick. When she was a little girl, growing up the shadows of downtown Macon
where her dad had his office and living quarters, a treat for her was a trip to the Rookery where her dad would order her a scramble dog and watch with marvel at how his 50-pound (soaking wet) child would eat every sloppy bit.

On Friday, Mom received two messages. One was from Wes: "I bet you $5 you can't eat the Rookery's new Scramble Dog." The next message was from Chad: "Have you tried the Rookery's new Scramble Do
g? It's called The Jessica." Mom didn't believe it. So, she had to see for herself. Her text back to the both of them: "It's on."

And it was. The 12-inch Vienna all-beef weenie is nestled in a toasted bun and smothered and covered with chili, nacho cheese, onion, ketchup and mustard. Jalepenos line the plate. And it is good. Damn good. So good, Mom pushed her battered fries aside, so she could eat every . . . last. . . bite. Then she mopped up her plate with the fries
. And told Wes to pay up. The Rookery is rocking and rolling, y'all. And Candy's Land highly recommends The Jessica.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pluck Her Up

Go high brow - or at least get them in shape. Jessica (Mom) went to Jessica (Vineville Spa and Salon) for a little brow shaping this past Saturday. Truly an artist, Jessica put some umph back in Mom's natural arch and made her say "ahh" by cleaning things up nicely. Now Mom won't see a wild hair and fish for tweezers out of her purse while she's driving (have you ever noticed how visor mirrors amplify those sorts of things??).

Through Facebook, Mom got the $8 special. But I bet if you ask nicely and say you read about it on Candy's Land, they'll honor the deal. And tell Jessica that Jessica (and Candy Lou) sent you. Say it in your best French impressionist accent, and I bet you'll raise a brow . . . or at least make a few furrow.

Pho So Good

At the incessant pleading of Texas T, Mom finally found her way to Pho Saigon on Mercer University, and she can't wait to go back. She got her Pho to go - tender beef, noodles, sprouts, cilantro, basil and more, simmered in the delicious spice-infused broth. She also ordered their signature spring roll, which was more like a shrimp basil roll but without the basil (greenleaf instead). It came with an incredible peanut sauce that was so good, I bet I could lick my lips and catch a squirrels without even trying.

Her entire meal came in under $12, and she ate off of it gladly for two days.
To get the full effect of Pho, she does recommend dining at their quaint little joint. But no matter which way you eat your noodles, you're in for a treat. Pho sho.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: Pizza Deliverance

Today Mom had lunch with her Mentors Project of Bibb County protege and pal Anika, who is selflessly spending her summer as a volunteer at the Davis 吉林快三遗漏s' Community Center. They went to one of Mom's favorite downtown lunch spots - Jennoely's Olde Style Pizza on Cotton Avenue. Not only are their pizza pies delicious, you can't deny their deal of a lunch special. For $3.96 per person (tax included!), you get two slices of pizza and a drink.

Mom always opts for the veggie, which has broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onions and grape tomatoes, and Anika went with the supreme. They also offer meat-lovers, pepperoni and cheese choices on their lunch special menu. In addition to their pizza, they serve salads, wings, calzones, bread sticks and other pizzeria specialities.

You can call 478.744.9880 to place your carry-out or you can go to the counter and have a friendly conversation with co-owner Phil, who takes orders and runs the register, while his wife and business partner pushes pizzas in the exposed kitchen. These two have fought the good fight of being indie business owners in downtown Macon, and they continue to deliver an exceptional product to the hungry local lunch crowd.

Dine-in at one of their tables or high-tops and enjoy your meal while catching up on the community that comes through the door or just zone out to the national news, which is always playing on the restaurant's tube.
They don't offer delivery, but they do offer price deliverance . . . times two, plus a drink (including root beer!).

P.S. Anika isn't as square as her shirt says.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: the Best Meal Deal of the Week

The week in Candy's Land has been more than hectic, and Mom has been lucky to do more than pour a glass of water in the kitchen. So, even though she has eaten her way around downtown (and back again) with this week alone spending lunch and dinner among Market City Cafe(twice), Lemongrass, Greek Deli, Tic Toc and now Luigi's for the second round, her bank account is beginning to lust for an eat-out expense account.

This evening, Mom and Shuga D had a Bragg Jam board meeting, and they left
City Hall reared up and ravenous for dinner. They found themselves at Luigi's bar, sipping on glasses of wine and waiting on their take-out order, which turns out, to be the best deal of the week. Every Wednesday is two-for-one pasta night, where you can pick two pastas and two side salads (proud supporters of Luigi's shaved parm Cesare salad in Candy's Land!) for the bargain total of $13.99.

Mom and Shuga opted for Pesto-stuffed Cheese Tortellini and Salmon Piccata Pasta with its creamy butter caper sauce.
They carried it 吉林快三遗漏 for an evening of de-briefing and an additional in-house red. All in favor of one darn good "Hump Day" dining deal? Say I.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: Skinny Bitch

Disclaimer: This is a female dog blog – I’ve earned the right to use the term loosely! So no offense to tenderized ears.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Mom was a lanky, young, wobbly thing who just wished she could put on a few pounds . . . namely in her bosom. But those days are behind her (literally). And Mom is grateful she was jested in junior high for being a Boney Maroney because it gave her room to grow.

Thanks to the skinny mamas and papas in her DNA, diets have never ruled her world. But even though she went toe-to-toe with Shuga D at Sticky Fingers this past weekend, she doesn’t always throw caution to the wind and loosen her belt. Her rule of fork is moderation. Breakfast this morning? Cappuccino and bacon at downtown’s Markey City Café (less than $6). Lunch this afternoon? Raw veggies and bleu cheese ($4 and enough left for the week). Dinner this evening? She’s not sure yet, but she’s thinking Arby’s new Fajita Chicken Flatbread Melt and a diet Blackberry tea (around $6) – fast food with quality appeal she can scarf on the way to Gray for an evening horseback ride (i.e. moderate exercise).

But that’s just for insiders of Candy’s Land to know. The next time someone asks how she stays thin, she’s referencing this from Zazzle.com:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: Chew on Crunchy Granola


The website is an eco-friendly marketplace with well-tabbed section of green gifts under $25. Mom’s favorite is the recycled magazine vase (could that be because she is a magazine editor and loves the fact there is an elegant after-life for her work?), as well as any of the soy candle travel sets. If only Mother Earth had the commerical prowess of Oprah, she'd make them her favorite things!

And what better way to give, if you can take away a good feeling from it . . . and not feel so guilty for not recycling that nasty mayo container the other day.

Monday, May 4, 2009

She Smelled Sea Shells

So, the cone isn't coming off until this week (paws crossed), so I didn't get to go to the beach. But Cherry B watched me and the rest of the crew and even gave me a make-over (or tested her cosmetics on me), much to the chagrin of Mom and Shuga D's receiving camera phone.

This weekend was a very much-needed, three-day get-away to St. Simons, one of several coastal Georgia jewels. Mom and Shuga joined his family for good times and honest R&R, so much so we won't go into the details because Mom made the decision to switch her always-on mode to officially off-duty.
However, these are a few of her favorite things . . .
  • Shrimp Salad, Coconut Cream Pie and Bagel with Lox (in that order) from the 4th of May: How could she not love the corner restaurant that shares its namesake with her baby brother Christian's day of birth? (By the way, shout out birthday boy CW! Your big sister sure thanks the day you were born and enjoyed the cake this evening.)
  • Banana/Strawberry Daiquiri and Coconut Shrimp with Pineapple Chutney from Mullet Bay Restaurant: The just right combo for enjoying the sweet life on the front porch with ideal weather and company.
  • Vintage heels from Moondance: Mom felt like Cinderella when these too cute kittenish heels (circa 1950?) slipped on like her Fairy Godmother fashioned them. She was sold at only $22.
  • Collecting seashells on the beach: Because there is no greater (free) pastime in collecting memories that can last a lifetime. And you can't help but slow down your pace as you search the tide.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: Salvation Score!

There are some weeks when a little retail therapy is more required than others. This was one of them. So how much did Mom spend on such therapy? $2.50 at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd.

Her purchase? A brand new Marc by Marc Jacobs sundress ($1.99) and a "vintage" 1954 paperback copy of 吉林快三遗漏r's The Iliad (.50).

It doesn't get more therapeutic than that.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Simply the Best

Congratulations to , 吉林快三遗漏 of Mom’s FTJ (Full-time Job) on being named among the recipients of Central Georgia’s To celebrate the corporate-clinching, I’m giving away Consumer Savings Cards in association with the awards that offer all types of discounts, including free food (pizzas, chips, cookies, appetizers) and discount services, including car washing, dry cleaning, chiropractic consultating, hair cutting . . . you know, the basics to the corporate persona. My tail is wagging over (across from Brass Pro Shop) where you can buy three Jerkeys, get one free. Just send me a Candygram to get your savings card!

And in honor of the achievement, enjoy one of Mom and her horse Miss ProBo’s favorite music videos.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: Five Fun Foods Under $5

What do you do when you cross a health nut and a junk food junkie? Candy’s Mom. She’s the type of gal who can use nouns like quinoa and chili cheese fries in the same sentence . . . and never bat an eye. What can I say, she’s a Libra; it’s all about a balance diet.

In the land of Candy, here are five things I’ve seen her eat this week that are better than Ramen and cheaper than a frozen pizza:

  1. Moroccan Olive Bread from Kroger: Publix often has its own fresh-baked version, too. It’s a specialty bread that Mom hasn’t seen at Kroger too often, so you may have to ask the baker on duty when the next loaves are sent from Heaven. The bread is embedded with Kalamata olive bits (sans those damn pits) and tastes great for breakfast, slathered with a Light Laughing Cow Gourmet Cheese Bite (also a great value!), as well as sandwich bread for lunch or a soup-sopper with dinner.

  1. Springroll and Chicken and Broccoli from China吉林快三遗漏 Inn: So, Mom didn’t resist the urge for cheap Chinese after her Pilates class this week. When she stepped out of Jade Tree Studio last night, she was lured by the wafting wontons, and she didn't fight it. It’s spring, after all, and what goes better than a springroll . . . plus Mom’s had a hard time with her springtime allergies this week. So, she ordered her Chicken and Broccoli “hot and spicy” and loaded up on the packets of horseradish mustard. Did it clear her sinuses? Yep. Did she have stereotypical Chinese leftovers? Nope. For the first time this week, she tasted her food and could not believe it when she scraped her take-out carton clean.

  1. Blood Orange: She’s not sure of the season, but she picked a beauty from the produce bin this week and enjoyed every juicy bite. It's a delicious under-dollar alternative to an orange Orange and quite the delica-Vitamin C . . . bloody hell, that pun was bad.

  1. Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty from Wendy’s: Mom chased her Michael’s on Mulberry Spinach Salad with it, mainly because she liked the way it sounded, five times fast.

  1. 吉林快三遗漏made Natural Dog Treats from City Market on the Green: Okay, Mom didn't eat these . . . but she could of! Last Saturday was the first of the season for downtown Macon's open-air City Market on the Green. Mom picked the family up a packet of the funny-shaped pup treats, four for $1.50. She also bought a baby garlic bulb for a buck. It’s grown on an organic farm outside of Milledgeville, where its happy hippy farmers said they can’t keep them in the ground long enough to turn into a full-grown clove because they like its tweenish taste too much. She hasn’t tried it yet because she’s been too busy to cook this week. But it looks like a leek, so Mom went ahead and chopped it up, soaking its bits in cold water to free it of sand and dirt. She also bought a $3 old-fashioned bottle of real deal honey from locally-owned Shamrock Apiaries (http://www.shamrockapiaries.com/). Chump change never tasted so good.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: Stretch it Out

Since I’m a bit of a downward facing dog with this big cone on my head, Mom administered my pain med, settled me in for a nap and headed to Jade Tree Yoga’s studio for her own hour of relief. Mom has taken yoga classes in the past but prefers Pilates lately. She is taking a series of basic matt classes with instructor Allyson Moody. Allyson teaches at Jade Tree once a week (Tuesday evenings), as well as a full schedule at the Wellness Center. She also offers private lessons at your private place of choice. How does it stretch your dollar? Privates are $40/hour. Individual group classes are $14. Or pre-pay your Pilates like Mom at $80 for a series of eight and work it out at just $10/class (plus bonus motivation to get your money’s worth). For an entire hour of ab-fab stretching, fitness and Allyson’s full attention, it’s hard to find a better deal. Send me a Candygram if you want to find out more.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cheap is Chic Chat: Hearting New York

I heard the car doors slam last night, and that only meant Mom was back. Her suitcase was heavier, her voice was louder and even though she still had the gleam of bright lights, big city in her eyes, it was obvious that 吉林快三遗漏 is where her heart is.

Mom admits it’s easy to get pick-pocketed in NYC – by your own hand! And even though Bright Blue and Cherry B had to use false promises and soft words to coax her out of the Juicy Couture boutique before she made a ridiculous, buttery blue purse purchase, she kept most of her impulse buying in check . . . as best you can when temptation blares from every storefront.

So, even though bargains don’t necessarily abound in the big city, Mom made a few purchasing decisions that kept her New York state-of-mind on a dime:

  • Virgin Megastore: The landmark Times Square retail outlet is closing and everything (including displays and hardware) is 50 to 60 percent off. Bright Blue bought classic “Virgin” NYC t-shirts as souvenirs for $7. Mom refined her CD and live show DVD collection for less than $10 each. Her favorite purchase? Lil’ Kim’s "Ms. G.O.A.T" (Greatest Hits of All Time). And Cherry B? Let's just say she'll be showing up at the Cherry Blossom Fashion show in a pink Bunny tee . . . And when say Bunny, we don't mean the nickname for nice old ladies. If the girl can't run a run-way, she sure knows how to raise a brow.
  • Falafel Sandwich from Street Vendor: Hotdogs and pretzels are classic NYC, but Mom looks for more ethnic options. Her $5 pita sandwich included grilled eggplant, stuffed with warm falafel and squirted with hot sauce (by request). It's more than a mouthful and can keep you full all day.
  • Prix Fixe Brunch Menu at North Square: It's not hard to find a restaurant offering "recession menus" and "stimulus package" meal plans right now, but Mom has to give Bright Blue credit for finding one of the best meal deals in town. It's a bit of a challenge to find the NorthSquare entrance on Waverly Place (adjacent to the Washington Square Hotel), but once you do, you'll find a classic local lounge/restaurant hotspot that offers live jazz during Sunday brunch and a delicious menu of classics like eggs benedict three ways (classic, salmon or crab) and the aforementioned prix fixe menu. For the set price of $20, Mom ordered the Challah French Toast and Chicken Apple Sausage, which came with the additional choices of coffee or fresh squeezed OJ, as well as a mimosa or bloody mary.
  • Vintage Coat from Andy's Chee-Pees: The "antique clothing" store has two locations. This one was between 5th and MacDougal, (16 W. 8th St.), not far from North Square's East Village corner. Mom and crew, which also included Bright Blue Sky bosses Beth (Boots) and Elliott (Appletini) Dunwody, turned the boutique upside down with their virtual vintage fashion show. The music was cranking, the clothes were flying, and when Mom found the perfect fitting faux fur coat, a collective "awww" echoed across the store. She decided not to believe the $120 price tag and after a bit of bargaining in her most enduring Southern accent, she wore her new/old coat out of the store for half the price, AND they threw in an already-sentimental heart-shaped broche, just because the store clerks loved her love for the city (one turned out to be a fellow Southerner whose mama back in Mobile came to Macon for Oprah). What else was found at Andy's? Boots scored her another pair of kick-butt kicks. These are red and black and were made for walking - with her in them! Appletini suaved himself into a red and black matching smokers jacket that looked pretty darn smokin'. There was also the red and black bowling shirt with a vulture on the back that will soon make its Macon debut at Gold Cup.
  • Pizza and Bellinis from Otto: Again in the East Village, not far from Washington Square; co-owned by Chef Mario Batali (yes, the awesome red head of Food Network/Iron Chef fame). Mom and the girls enjoyed their last NYC lunch feasting on Otto's signature Vongole Pizza (clams, garlic, mozzarella), classic Margherita Pizza (buffalo mozz, basil, sauce) and a pitcher of Bellinis for a little over $20/person. Her only regret? Wearing the vintage jacket around clams and not saving room for their famous 吉林快三遗漏made Gelotto.
  • Famous Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes: You get to Greenwich Village and you immediately want to trace Carrie B's well-high heeled fictional footsteps. The original Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street is worth every step. What better souvenier to take south than famous $3 cupcakes from a bakery with a southern flair? No southern girl should leave without their red velvet version. And there happens to be a used book store a few feet from its door, if you really want to get into the Bradshaw brain.
  • Carmel Car & Limo Service: It's the name of candy, so how could we not? Don't let the toll-free 866-666-6666 number freak you out. Mom has had it saved on her cell phone for the past two years and yet to summon the Antichrist. Instead of hailing a cab or taking the shuttle from the airport, Carmel provides a clean towncar or SUV to transport you from the airport to the hotel at a flat fee. Even with tip and toll, it comes in under $40. Mom has used this car service several times now, and she is cease to be amazed at how her ride magically appears to the dot on time. It's serious good curbside customer service.
That was just a tiny taste of Mom's big bite out of the Big Apple. There is an entire Allman Brothers element I will get into later this week, incidentally on the 40th anniversary of the band's first concert performance. Mom is still unpacking and downloading pics, so I have just included a few for now. The Macon weather is too perfect for her new NYC winter-friendly coat, so I'm snuggling in its big city smell and dreaming of the day my paws hit the pavement with her.