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Showing posts with label Candy Boo-Boo.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look Ma! No Cone!

Oh happy day! Per doctor's orders, the cone came off this week, and life has quickly come back to normal in Candy's Land. In fact, Mom just came 吉林快三遗漏 from church and found where I left off two months ago in my attempt to pull all the stuffing out of my sister mutt Kitty's dog bed. Yep, I've resumed my role as her aggravating little sister, and she seems very glad to have me to playfight with again, sans the big piece of plastic getting in all of our ways.

We officially celebrated my full recovery yesterday at Macon's dog park, and I am looking forward to making the rounds again with Mom soon with my return to the public eye.

On behalf of all of us in Candy's Land, Mom and Shuga D want to especially thank the fine folks at Hudspeth Animal Hospital on Pio Nono Avenue. Although I am not going to miss my weekly visits as much as the staff is going to miss me, there is no doubt the emergency care and post-trauma treatment I received from Dr. Hudspeth, Dr. Giles, Gene (thanks for the boiled chicken!), Gayle and the rest of the medical team is the reason I am here today. Dr. Hudspeth called my recovery "nothing short of remarkable," citing my injuries as some of the worse he's seen in his veteran veteranarian career. I've got the scars to prove it, but I also still have four functioning paws and legs, and the hit-and-run nightmare is finally a part of our past. If anyone doubts a dog's will to live, then come and knock on my door and let Mom tell you my story of survival.

As if you can't tell by my tail wagging in this video.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eye Candy: Countdown to Cone Removal

Say a little prayer for me . . . Dr. Hudspeth says my bandages might come off this week. If that's the case, so goes the cone. And as you can see from the video below, I'm over the medically necessary accessory.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eye Candy

Instead of a still pic, here's an update on my recovery in real time. Mom took this video tonight after her Bragg Jam Festival board of directors meeting. Fellow board member Auntie Katie, mother of Pippi Longpuppy, Mom's goddog, sent a Hello Kitty get-well bag of goodies . . . the bag, of course, for Mom, and the treats for me and my sister and brother mutts Miss Kitty, Tybee and Bowen. Tybee didn't make an appearance tonight, but you'll meet her soon enough. So, here it is, live from Candy's Land.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Closet Comfort

What better way for a girl to feel better than surrounding herself with a bunch of shoes? Mom found me in her closet this evening, nestled by the heels she had on today. As soon as my legs are better, I'm ready to hit the ground running with her.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Ready for my Close-Up

Mom got a little weak in the knees when she saw all my fancy stitching, but with Shuga D's help, she is getting over the gore (no bandages on my boo-boos b/c they need air to heal) and learning to apply peroxide and my special salve with tender, love and care. You can't see me in the kennel, but that's where I was while Mom prepared dinner and my brother and sister mutts got used to me being back 吉林快三遗漏 (and looking like a satellite dish). So far, so good. After Kitty greeted me, she settled in her bed next to me, occasionally checking on me through the slats. "Franken-Paws" is how Mom described my temporary appearance. But it's a horror story with a happy ending. Again, thank you for wishing me well!

Candy Come 吉林快三遗漏!

Don't you ever, be sad
Lean on me, when times get bad
When the day come, and you know your down
In a river of trouble, you're bout to drown

Hold on, cause I'm coming!
Hold on, I'm coming!

Mom and Shuga D are singing some sweet soul Sam & Dave. I've been told to hold on, they're coming . . . as soon as they get off work! I am going 吉林快三遗漏 today! My healing process continues to receive rave reviews, but I am in some serious pain. So, I've been growling . . . and a little snappy. What can I say? Nothing like a near-death experience to make you bite the hands that saved you.

I just know that 吉林快三遗漏 is where me heart is and there is no place like it. It just may have taken a car on Clisby Place to help me learn that lesson. You'll be seeing me soon. Until then, check out the Lassie clip. It gets Mom everytime.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweet Thoughts Keep a Comin'

I wasn't able to go 吉林快三遗漏 today, but even the doc said I seem spunkier. Maybe Monday. Until then Mom and Shuga D are clearing their calendars so they can give 24-hour care. If I wasn't spoiled enough.

The sweet thoughts keep a comin'. Scout and Cassidy sent me the card you see here (thanks Uncle David). Mom's bon ami Jackie and husband Mike sent me a Hallmark e-card that had us all smiling. And fellow furbaby Tula Jean Dunwody sent me her snazzy picture and said she was anxious to play once I was feeling better. The love just keeps warming our hearts. When I get out of here and on my four feet again, watch out, because I am going to be giving some serious kisses.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sweet Thoughts for Candy

A quick update - Dr. Giles changed my bandages today and gave Mom and Shuga D another promising report. Even though I might not get to go 吉林快三遗漏 until Monday, my road to recovery remains on track! Shuga got to hold me for quite some time yesterday, while my IV was changed, and I managed to wag my tail . . . giving him a little sign that even though it looks rough, I'm the same Candy Lou underneath it all. Did I tell you I even have a black eye? Just like a Little Rascal.

Mom says the well wishes and sighs of relief haven't quit coming. Thank you to all for thinking of us. It has given us all the strenght to see this little, uh, "speed bump" through. I especially want to thank Aunties Bright Blue and Texas T for taking good care of Mom the day of the accident. Nothing like Mom's favorite movie "Grey Gardens" and the Macon meal of Nu-Way slaw dogs to clean up the mascara melt-down.

Speaking of my Aunties, I got my first Candygram today!

Hello sweet girl! You gave us a big scare. I'm so glad you are such a strong little lady. Get well fast and I'll be there to visit you soon so you can sit in my lap any time you need to (and I'll sneak you some treats when Mom and Shuga aren't looking!)
Bright Blue ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mama Always Warned Me About Running the Streets!

Wednesday I found out why – and I’ve lived to say the grass sure ain’t greener! Me and big sis Mitty Kitty (a mixed mutt with some serious street sense), dug our way to China吉林快三遗漏 . . . or at least the neighbor’s side of the fence. You see, even though we’re inside dogs, we have a doggy door to our backyard. Mom and Shuga D have fretted over exit possibilities, except for one side of the fence blanketed with thick ivy, which they assumed was enough of a natural deterrent. Well, it only made us more determined.

As we tunneled our way to the neighbor’s fenced-in yard, we saw a light through their back gate and poked our heads through. On the other side was neighbor and lawn caregiver James, who knew we were up to no good and startled us back into hole we came from. James immediately called Mom to tattle, and less than 10 minutes later, Shuga D arrived to take us back inside. The problem? We were no longer in the neighbor’s yard. While James guarded the back of the fence, I found a way to dig out of the front, like a true escape artist. Free at least, like a rooster, I was strutting across the road, when . . . Well, you can guess the rest because my memory is spotty from there.

I do remember making my way into another neighbor’s yard and settling on her stoop, where I tried to tend my wounds. The blood was coming quicker than the licks, and even though I could hear voices calling my name, I was scared to move. Finally, through the fog, I heard Mom’s voice. With my two mangled front legs, I slowly made my way towards her. She says by the grace of God, she saw me across the street, ran to meet me and swept me into her arms.

Seconds later, Shuga D pulled the car up, wrapped me in his shirt and took of to Hudspeth Animal Hospital, which is less than a mile from our 吉林快三遗漏. Little did we all know I was moments from bleeding to death.

So, here I am under the care of Dr. Hudspeth and Dr. Giles. It looks like I don’t have any internal injuries, and my legs will mend with surgeries, time and proper care. Mom and Shuga came to see me today, and even though I’m still a little sedated, we were all teary-eyed and thankful to see each other.

Yes, the bandages and cone around my head might slow me and Mom’s social life down as I recover. But don’t think this dog blog is taking a break (which btw, no bones are broken). I’ll keep you posted on my recovery, and Mom is going to do her best to keep me in the Macon loop.

And hey, I’m practically human, so if you want to personally wish me well, send me a Candygram (maconcandy@吉林快三遗漏gmail.com). If you prefer the classic fashion and don’t mind licking or sticking a stamp, you can send it to Candy Lou Walden Weatherford: c/o Hudspeth Animal Hospital, 510 Pio Nono Ave, Macon, Ga. 31204. Just be sure to thank Drs. Hudspeth and Giles and front desk maven Gayle for saving my life. And thanks to all who bowed their head. We will post all the good vibes and well wishes on the site. After all, Mary Poppins had it right – a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!