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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mom May Be Going out West

But here's a Go-Go in your living room! Actually, it was Kirk and Kirsten West's living room, here in Macon. Jane Wiedlin was recently in town for 10 days shooting the indy flick "," set to hit the film noir screen later this year. She stayed with the Wests' during her time here and lucky for them, sang for her supper.

Sweet Southern Summer Nights

in five weeks, people!), she’s trying to rock a little longer on the porch without anxious foot twitching on what all needs to be done and where she needs to go next.

So, she’s kicking things off in her cowgirl boots. She is heading out west to Wyoming, where she will be staying on a friend’s ranch, riding horses, herding cattle and living out her dreams. She’ll also be on assignment, writing an article about the Houston County-based businessman and rancher for , and she’ll have two partners in crime, Honey Shot and Bright Blue, armed with cameras to help document the journey.

As for us left in Candy’s Land, me and Shuga D will be keeping the 吉林快三遗漏 fires burning, occasionally howling at the moon on our sweet summer Southern nights, when we get to missin’ Mom among the coyotes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Congrats College吉林快三遗漏 Hill Corridor Commission!

Rarely a weekend goes by that Mom can't count on the to host a cool event somewhere between the Mercer campus and downtown Macon that is worth attending by townies and college students alike. From the Second Sunday Gospel Brunch to Bike Week and beyond, the reason that many of us aren't complaining that there is nothing to do in this town is because of the foresight and creativity of the folks behind the CHCC.

Take this Sunday night, for example. Mom, Shuga D and me packed up the lawn chairs, citronella candles and a cooler and watched S
huga's favorite movie "Raising Arizona" in Tattnall Square Park. Brought to us by the CHCC, the inflatable screen provided an unforgettable evening on the green, under the summer night stars . . . the "Salad Days," indeed.

The next day, on Monday, Mom attended a morning press conference in Mercer Village where it was announced that the College吉林快三遗漏 Hill Corridor Commission has received a $5 million grant from the Knight Foundation to help support the community's transformation into a vibrant college town.

The picture's not perfect, but the night sure was. Thanks to the CHCC for daring to think big. This town will never be the same.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Urgent: Candy Needs Your Help



Could you please help Central Georgia CARES and Animal Control with a serious situation? I know you’re busy with Bragg Jam but the Animal Control Shelter is in a crisis with more than 300 wonderful, happy animals being deposited there in the last 10 days. Space is limited so they will not be able to stay long.

Apparently due to loss of jobs and 吉林快三遗漏s families are turning their pets in to Animal Control in record numbers. In fact, on one day recently there were so many families surrendering their family pets, people were lined up out the door. Of course, then the former family pet is left trembling in a kennel wondering what he did to be abandoned. It’s really heartbreaking and we are trying to get the word out to help.

Please communicate this to all your animal and media contacts to help us quickly spread the word about this situation so we can save as many of these terrific animals as possible.



Mother Shuckers

The month may not have an R, but that didn’t keep Mom and the girls from shooting oysters Tuesday night. They sweated their hearts out on the Patio behind the Hummingbird for the launch party of Yuengling draft on tap. In addition to $2.50 Yuenglings, the crew enjoyed complimentary oysters on the ½ shell (shucked on site), chilled oyster shooters (think amped-up Bloody Mary with a treat at the end) and fun promo items. Despite the heat, the oysters stayed cold and the crowd was fired up on horseradish, hot sauce and a darn good time. Kudos to Lil’ Miss Bibb for making this pearl of an event shine!

Among the swag Mom scored was a hat for Shuga D with my personal favorite Yuengling image that reminds me of what me and three brother and sister mutts do when we have the house to ourselves.

Candy's Playing Catch Up

But darn it, downtown still deserves bragging rights for last weekend. Mom and I hit the steamy sidewalks for a little Saturday City Market on the Green shopping. Green bag in hand, we purchased 吉林快三遗漏made dog treats (Breath Busters and Snickerpoodles), a gallon of fresh 吉林快三遗漏made salsa (which, in less than a week, has been entirely consumed in Candy’s Land) and locally grown veggies. The cucumbers were chopped, marinated in Italian dressing and chilled in the fridge for a summer snack. The squash and zucchini were used in a vege-friendly pasta bake. And the green tomatoes were fried for dinner with friends earlier this week. All in all, a successful “buy local” shopping trip.

What else was going on downtown was a wonder in its own right. The annual Fort Hawkins Benefit Open Car show had a traffic jam on Cherry and not a single parking spot to be found. With fifties music cranking, car hoods popping and folks creating a sea on the sidewalks to gawk at the vintage vehicles, the car show had our engines humming with its impact on downtown. Mom immediately called Texas T and Bright Blue and coaxed them down from their lofts to see the virtual sock hop happening in their urban backyard. Who knew this could be so much free fun? The vintage trucks stole us girls’ hearts, so Bright Blue appropriately took a pic of me posing in front of one of my favorites.

More free fun just around the block, we also caught the highspeed championship cycling event whirling around Mulberry Street’s post office. With ice cream available and a legion of fans backing their favorite cyclists, we sat for a spell and cheered on the finish line (more cowbell, please).

With practically a three-ring circus taking over downtown last Saturday, Mom couldn’t help but wonder why all of the restaurants weren’t open. But at least Market City and the throng of customers were reaping the breakfast and lunch rewards.

Downtown was alive and happening . . . and for a couple of free hours, you could call me a farm-fresh car and cycling enthusiasts.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekend Forecast: Hot and September Hazy

and ZTA Foundation. You can feel it up at a $3 cover to hear live music by Molly Stevens and Josh Carson.

Saturday is about as girly as it can get. Mom is hoping for some lunch time and catching up in the world of teen envogue with her Mentors Project of Bibb County protégé. She also has an appointment at the for another microderm assignment. Then she’s bringing 吉林快三遗漏 her shopping list to make dinner for the girls, who are coming over for some backyard wine time before nightlifing over to Rivalry’s on Northside for the show.

For those who don’t know, the Hase is the band being managed by (Mom’s pop), who came out of music management retirement after hearing these Tifton boys play. They are a double-rock-threat, being both cute and commercial (and the perfect size for locker posters, trapper keepers or whatever else the Jonas Brothers claim stake to these days), as well as ultra-behind-their-years talented (i.e. before the music died). This is an every man and woman’s band. The girls can squeal, and the guys can jam out to real rock with true Southern roots (and the street cred of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s former manager’s endorsement).

On Saturday, September Hase will be revealing their new guitarist . . . and I hear he’s a hottie who can play the hell out of a guitar. As fan first; music business daughter later, Mom and her fellow kitten-heeled cougars are ready for his stage debut (so much for going out like a lamb).

Sunday is the second one, so you can find me in Washington Park with Mom and her mimosa for Gospel Brunch featuring the . Then she’s heading over to Harpin’s restaurant in Payne City to check out the creative eye of photographer (and Candy Land follower!) for the unveil of his summer show.

How’s that for a favorable forecast?

Pictured is September Hase’s better-be-barefoot bass player Adam. Photo by the fabulous Maryann “Maxi” Bates.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Candy's Getting Cuter!

As if she could. Check out her new avatar by Bright Blue, a.k.a. Stephanie Shadden!

Cheap is Chic Chat: the Best Meal Deal of the Week

The week in Candy's Land has been more than hectic, and Mom has been lucky to do more than pour a glass of water in the kitchen. So, even though she has eaten her way around downtown (and back again) with this week alone spending lunch and dinner among Market City Cafe(twice), Lemongrass, Greek Deli, Tic Toc and now Luigi's for the second round, her bank account is beginning to lust for an eat-out expense account.

This evening, Mom and Shuga D had a Bragg Jam board meeting, and they left
City Hall reared up and ravenous for dinner. They found themselves at Luigi's bar, sipping on glasses of wine and waiting on their take-out order, which turns out, to be the best deal of the week. Every Wednesday is two-for-one pasta night, where you can pick two pastas and two side salads (proud supporters of Luigi's shaved parm Cesare salad in Candy's Land!) for the bargain total of $13.99.

Mom and Shuga opted for Pesto-stuffed Cheese Tortellini and Salmon Piccata Pasta with its creamy butter caper sauce.
They carried it 吉林快三遗漏 for an evening of de-briefing and an additional in-house red. All in favor of one darn good "Hump Day" dining deal? Say I.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Plum Crazy

by William Carlos Williams.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Keeping it Soulful: A Classic Weekend Recap

So, First Friday it was in Macon this past end-of-week eve, and Mom had the beautiful dilemma of too much to do in downtown. Her decision? To keep it classic, which set the pace for the rest of the weekend. Nothing trendy. Nothing frilly. Kind of like an LBD (little black dress for you RBBs [Red Blooded Bachelors]), she wanted to enjoy the little things in life that have yet to go out of style. So here it goes:

First stop, the opening of Second Street Ceramics, the new "baby" of Betsy Griffith. And this is her thang, so no Wetsy reference (although Wes was there looking like the proud papa). What makes Second Street Ceramics so classic with its mod art and popping paintings? It's location - the old trick shop where classic fun was found for Mom as a young child. There is no telling how much cash her dad spent spoiling her rotten with fake vomit, mousetrap gum packs and stink perfume.

Next it was drinks, apps and salads in Downtown Grill's cigar-friendly bar. Mom had her martini(s) extra dirty . . . as did Honey Shot. Although Bright Blue went with something ginger, Shuga D couldn't get more classic with a cold bottle of Miller Lite. One of the original renaissance dining establishments in Macon's urbanscape, Downtown Grill has the old world appeal that makes it an anchor in local indie dining.

Finally, the group, now joined by Super Mom SGM, crossed the blocks to Grant's Lounge, where they were there before nine for a good time and no cover early bird discount. And so begins the true take-me-back and still-got-it going-ons of the night . . . Bo Ponder and Friends getting Grant's crowd grooving with classic soul and true R&B on its legendary live music stage. And just like classic Grant's, the audience was black and white, young and old, there for a good time and having one in a packed house and shared, elbow-to-elbow dance floor.

After that kind of Friday, Saturday was a late start in Candy's Land. Bright Blue scored killer Braves tickets from the Jay's Hope auction, so she invited Mom and Shuga D, along with Texas T, for an evening under the Atlanta stars at Turner Field. The Braves may have lost, but the dogs were hot, and Mom and Shuga D are ordering theirs Chicago-style from the Johnny Bravos' counter now on.

Sunday was a lazy day, as it should be. That's when I finally got to come in on the classic fun. Me and my three brother and sister mutts were loaded up for a ride to the country吉林快三遗漏, where we took on the approximate two miles+ Long Leaf Pine Trail at Bond's Swamp. Good free, family fun, for sure. It's not clean by any means (and you can believe the tick repellant flowed freely), but it's a way we can all go back and touch a little bit of nature, the most classic amusement of it all.

I think I've found a formula for an overall, darn good weekend:

Keep it classic. Keep it real. Keep it soulful.

Above is me AFTER the hike, a little tongue-heavy and wishing my fur wasn't so fluffy, under the map kiosk found at the entrance and end of the trail.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mission Incredible: Need a Medic!

Mission Incredible: View from the Front Line

Mission Incredible: All Aboard

Mission Incredible

, the current 吉林快三遗漏 and training grounds of soldiers in the , who will soon be deployed to Afghanistan as members of Task Force Phoenix.

After arriving at Lowe's Aviation before the sun came up on Wednesday morning, Mom checked her only baggage, i.e. a slight fear of flying, and boarded the small military aircraft with about a dozen of her fellow media and community members, including her "adventure instigator" Ruth Sykes of the Macon CVB, Macon City Council's Rick Hutto and Georgia Public Broadcasting's . Also on board was a soldier in her own right. Sitting to Mom's left was the CVB's Meg Lipper, one of the biggest cheerleaders and believers in the 48th. And little did her solider husband know, she was coming to pay him a surprise visit since he was among those training in Indiana before heading overseas.

After touching down amongst the round bales and crop fields of the Columbus, Indiana airport, the group soon arrived at camp and attended a breakfast and briefing that explained the mission in Afghanistan, which involved mentoring and preparing the newly formed Afghan security forces who are charged with protecting their own country吉林快三遗漏 when the U.S. has less of a presence (God-willing and the Taliban never rise) one day.

During this time, in a well-executed mission, Meg left her table at the briefing, and was reunited with her husband with a surprise hug attack. Needless to say, in their few minutes together, there were tender moments and tears between the husband and wife team who have been through this so many times . . . Desert Storm, Bosnia, Iraq and now Afghanistan . . . and their appreciation for each other is evident. Every moment they have together is cherished, and their love story rivals the greatest romances.

Then it was off to the physical training grounds . . . a land of tents, out-houses and a mess hall called Warrior, where a good bit of the troops were calling 吉林快三遗漏 as they acclimated themselves to the rough and tough world in which they would be living for an entire year. On the way to the camp, Mom's convoy saw first hand the first of several Afghan roadside ambushes that kept the soldiers on their combat boot toes. With several machine guns and Afghan-garbed head cloths popping up from a corn field, Mom took a deep breath and realized they were definitely in the Midwest, although not Kansas, or Georgia, anymore.

So, the first of Mom's life-altering moments? Trying to figure her way around a MRE (Meals Ready-to-Eat). After being handed a plastic sack that labeled the main menu item as vegetable manicoti ("That's actually one of the best ones," a solider tells her), Mom took her seat amongst the other soldiers and soon needed several of them to help tear into the never-ending packaging, heat her manicoti in the strange "cold water + powder = heats up fast" pouch and ever share their hot sauce when Mom took her first bite and immediately looked desperate for condiments. If this was a food review, Mom would have both thumbs down and using all of the words in a Thesaurus that synonym with YUCK!

But it's not what you eat, but the company you keep that made it one of the most special meals in Mom's life. Elbow-to-elbow and eye-to-eye, Mom had the opportunity to sit with those who make our great country吉林快三遗漏 possible. And even though there were only crackers and Ranger bars to break, she broke bread with the best. From here on out, when she bows her head over a meal, she'll never forget those she shared an MRE with.

Those same soldiers were soon suited up for combat as Mom and company boarded the bus for their next stop: a giant field under rain that soon turned cold and sideways for Mom and media setting up shop on the front lines.

What took place next was an unexpected battle simulation where a 48th convoy was greeted by friendly "Afghan" villagers (including a live horse, several goats and a few wayward chickens to keep things real) who tend to fill the street when soldiers come through to cheer and show their gratitude. However, behind a cluster of trees were the "bad guys," the opposing forces who show their ingratitude with gunfire and IEDs (improvised explosion device). Before we knew it, one of the Hummers had been hit and the rest of the convoy had to spring into action to put an end to the bad guys and rescue their injured comrades. And like true heroes, every man and woman was on deck to pull it off.

What impressed Mom the most? Combat today is well beyond limiting women soldiers to be the best she can be. Mom's heart lept at the site of he and she soldiers pulling the plow (so to speak) right beside each other with equal, well-trained rhythm. And those lady soldiers aren't always the stereotyped tomboy. One commented on how one of the first things she'll do when she goes 吉林快三遗漏 is get a mani/pedi. "I'm tired of being a boy," she laughed with the looks and smile that echoed Halle Berry. This same woman who will soon be leaving for Afghanistan has already been to Iraq, where she came under attack fire and was forced to (successfully) use her weapon.

Combat in the field was followed by a walk through a simulated Afghan village. The day ended back at Warrior with a de-briefing/press conference with Task Force Phoenix Commander Brig. Gen. Lawrence E. Dudney, Jr.

Later that afternoon, Mom boarded the plane at the Columbus, Indiana airport, settled into her seat next to Ruth and knew she had no right to complain about being tired, wet, cold and unusually hungry. She only has reasons to be grateful that when God blessed America, one of the biggest blessings is the 48th Brigade.

Pictured are members of the 48th holding a copy of address Macon with Mom, Meg Lipper (left) and Ruth Sykes (right).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Enjoy the Ride

The video below is Mom in the saddle on her sunset horseback ride this evening. She and sister steed Miss ProBo have been together longer than any of us. When Mom turned 16 many moons ago, she had a choice between Pro or a car. Fifteen years and five vehicles later, Mom definitely made the right choice!

Seeing Red . . . White and Blue

Mom is flying out at sunrise tomorrow morning to Camp Atterbury, Indiana to spend the day with Macon's own 48th Brigade before they deploy to Afghanistan. She'll be writing a story on 48th families in an upcoming issue of , but she will also recap the day here on Candy's Land when she returns. She will do her best to Twitter her Indiana experience throughout the day, so check back here, to the Twitter feed in your left column, or follow us under www.twitter.com/maconcandy.

Cheap is Chic Chat: Skinny Bitch

Disclaimer: This is a female dog blog – I’ve earned the right to use the term loosely! So no offense to tenderized ears.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Mom was a lanky, young, wobbly thing who just wished she could put on a few pounds . . . namely in her bosom. But those days are behind her (literally). And Mom is grateful she was jested in junior high for being a Boney Maroney because it gave her room to grow.

Thanks to the skinny mamas and papas in her DNA, diets have never ruled her world. But even though she went toe-to-toe with Shuga D at Sticky Fingers this past weekend, she doesn’t always throw caution to the wind and loosen her belt. Her rule of fork is moderation. Breakfast this morning? Cappuccino and bacon at downtown’s Markey City Café (less than $6). Lunch this afternoon? Raw veggies and bleu cheese ($4 and enough left for the week). Dinner this evening? She’s not sure yet, but she’s thinking Arby’s new Fajita Chicken Flatbread Melt and a diet Blackberry tea (around $6) – fast food with quality appeal she can scarf on the way to Gray for an evening horseback ride (i.e. moderate exercise).

But that’s just for insiders of Candy’s Land to know. The next time someone asks how she stays thin, she’s referencing this from Zazzle.com: